Kaelothi Stoneblossom Nutharguei

Exalted grappler and former slave who has devoted her life to serving Kord and ending tyranny.


Exalted CG F Goliath Fighter 4/Barbarian 2/Sanctifier 2 (custom exalted prestige class)//Favored Soul 8


Kaelothi was born into a small, but prosperous, tribe of desert-dwelling goliaths. She was easily the runt of the tribe, and was curiously devoid of the usual skin markings, except for a strange eight-pointed shape around her left eye and some light patterning on her wrists. Because of these factors, she was mocked and bullied by her peers, who easily bested her in physical contests. Kaelothi responded by becoming tougher, and learned to use her smaller size to her advantage, easily slipping out of her opponents’ grasps. Eventually, she became the best grappler of her peers, though she still wasn’t exactly respected by them.

Kaelothi’s tribe was a nomadic one, and they traveled frequently. During one such journey, the tribe unwittingly made camp near a Blue Dragon’s lair. The ensuing attack was sudden and brutal, decimating the tribe and leaving only Kaelothi and a handful of other survivors.

The survivors continued on, in search of aid, when they came upon a traveling caravan. Tragedy struck again, however, when they discovered too late that the caravan was that of slave traders, bringing their wares to the south. The injured goliaths were subdued quickly, and Kaelothi found herself a servant of a depraved half-Blue Dragon king.

Kaelothi’s brawling experience was put to use as one of the king’s gladiators, and through the years of her enslavement, she battled her way to the top. Eventually, she caught the eye of the king himself. Though his tastes skewed a great deal younger, he needed someone of childbearing age to give him an heir, and he reasoned that breeding with a creature as strong as his top gladiator would give him an heir of unparalleled strength. Though Kaelothi attempted to refuse his advances, the king was not used to hearing “no”, and prepared to force himself upon her. Fortunately for Kaelothi, agents of Kord overtook the city and killed the king before he had a chance to do so.

The followers of Kord liberated all of the slaves, ferrying most of them to the city of Pointe, where they were to receive a modest sum of money and a chance for a fresh start. One of the Kordians believed the pattern on Kaelothi’s eye to be the mark of Kord himself, and eagerly trained the goliath in the ways of the faith. Grateful, she became an eager student, taking a vow of poverty and devoting herself to the faith.

Among humans, Kaelothi generally goes by “Stoneblossom”, as it is the only part of her name that seems to be both correctly pronounced and remembered. The only thing that seems to match her passion for her faith and battle is her intense hatred for those who enslave or exploit others, with Blue Dragons at the top of her list. Though a good fighter and excellent grappler, she’s not the smartest combatant. Her preferred tactic in battle is to use a Baalor’s Nimbus spell to wreath herself in flames, then charge at the nearest target, no matter what it is (She once used this tactic against a Gelatinous Cube. It worked). She dresses simply, in faded cotton vestments, and keeps her broken shackles on her wrists as a reminder of her past and what she fights for.

Kaelothi Stoneblossom Nutharguei

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