The Chosen

The Story so Far. Chapter 1.

chapter 1

The Story so far. Chapter 1: The Quick, The Isles, and Pointe.

The Story began by following the previous affairs of three seperate individuals: A Hengeyokai Warlock with ties to the plane of shadow, a Goliath Fighter whose tribe was slain by a vicious blue dragon, and a changeling rogue street punk. Being that they were in completely seperate areas, the Story must begin…seperately.

I. The Quick.

A familial villiage of Hengeyokai (humans who can change into various animal forms) lies on the outskirts of the city of Float, so named because it is a travelling city on an island floating in a swamp. This villiage is mostly peaceful, fighting only to defend their lands and subsisting mainly on various roots and whatever wild game could be caught. Their existence is mostly undisturbed as the common folk tend to believe them Lycanthropes and generally leave them alone…until the day He came. He fell upon the villiage like a deadly purple storm, striking down everyone in his path, be they man, woman or child. Deadly rays shot through houses and felled even the villiages mightest warrior with one blow. Within but a few minutes, there was not a living soul in the entirety of the villiage. Without somuch as burying the bodies, the stranger took his leave. Several hours later, Mrolkyo, a coyote hengeyokai revered in her town as a great hunter able to sneak up on any prey, returned from her latest foray into the wilderness…to find her home burned, and the bodies of her loved ones left to rot in the harsh rays of the sun. Winding her way through the once familiar streets, she comes upon a man, digging through her very own house looking for valuables, and unthinking, she strikes, knocking him to the ground and scaring him near to death. After a few tense moments, she is told the description of the man who destroyed her life and the direction in which he went. Leaving the man alive but terrified, Mrolkyo ventures south to avenge her people, following the mysterious man’s trail all the way to Pointe.

II. The Isles.

Nestled in the peaks of The Teeth, a mountain chain running along the northern border of the Desert of Wyrms, there is a community of Goliaths. An agrarian society, they live as one with nature, taking naught but what they can return and in all ways seeking to enrich the land. Abhorring deadly violence, they have no true warriors, only those who enjoy amusing themselves through the ancient art of grappling. Then, a goliath is born who is much smaller than the others, a runt of her race, barely clearing 6 feet in height and weighing a mere 30 stone: Kaelothi Nutharguei. Called Stoneblossom for the racial markings around her eye, she is ridiculed for most of her youth, forced out of the social circles of the young goliaths, bullied and beaten by those few cruel ones who prefer to wrestle dangerously rather than for fun. This continues for many long years until the day comes when none of the bullies can stand before her any longer, Her mastery of the art of unarmed combat grown too strong for them. This is the day of her first, and last triumph. Later that day, as she and a few others are gathering water for the tribe, a Blue Dragon falls from the sky, striking wildly at everything it can reach. Hearing the sounds of combat, Stoneblossom rushes to the aid of her tribe mates. With her aid, the battle is won, but at a grievous cost. Virtually every other man, woman, and child in the village lies dead or dying, many crushed beneath the body of the now deceased dragon. She and the others go in search of aid and mercy, but find only a caravan of slavers. The weakened goliaths are easily captured and taken south across the desert to the Free City of Lyros, a pit of corruption and vice. From there she is shipped to the Isles, where she fights in the arenas and in pitfights for the amusement of a paying crowd. Dislike it though she might, it is fight or die…so she fights…and wins. Before long she catches the eye of the King himself…a half-blue dragon tyrant. As she is being brought before him to act as his personal guard and pleasure slave, she is rescued by a band of warriors fighting under the flag of Kord. After they strike down the king, they notice the strange woman with the markings of their god around her eye. Taking her with them, they head back north to their home city of Pointe.

III. Pointe

On the southernmost tip of the continent of Alteria lies a bustling hub of commerce known as Pointe. It is the most prosperous trading city in all the land, as merchants come by boat from the Isles and various other coastal cities. As the old saying goes, there is mud beneath every rock and scum beneath every city, in Pointe it took the form of a band of halfling thieves with avaricious intentions and vicious methods. Growing up an orphan, the changeling Alistair was quickly snatched up by the guild and forced to use his talents to their own selfish end. Finally, when asked to sneak into a shop that had not payed its “dues” and assassinate the owner, he rebelled. He instead warned the owner and helped him secure safe passage out of town. When the guild leaders discovered his treachery, they beat him, cut a large patch of skin out of his face in the shape of a crescent moon, and left him for dead. Fortunately for Alistair, he was discovered by a local priest of Bahamut, a dragonborn. Taking him back to the temple, he was healed and allowed a room with the clergy. He spent many years there, learning the ways of the faith and the dogma of Bahamut. He considered taking the oaths and becoming a neonate, but decided instead to reenter society and use his new knowledge and old talents for the good of the downtrodden everywhere. Taking the form of a tall male dragonborn he set out into the vast city of Pointe to see what he could do.

To Be continued.



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