Welcome to the land of Alteria.

A land of Knights and Castles, Fair Maidens and Seedy Merchants.
A land of Dragons and Giants…or so the bards say.
A land, ultimately, undergoing some strange changes.

Recently, chaos has gained a foothold in the once peaceful land. Cities burn one after another; Short, vicious pirates patrol the southern seas; A family of blue dragons and their misbegotten spawn terrorize the desert peoples; villages mysteriously disappear in their entirety; and all across the land, rumours spread of a great evil arising in the north.

It is a time of darkness and decline, and while the nobles dance the commoners starve, their food and women taken by bands of grotesque humanoids grown recently bolder. But the land is not wholly without hope. Churches in every city spread the word of a few great warriors, beloved by gods, chosen to take the fight to the forces of evil. Who will rise triumphant? Who will fall to the temptation of the calling darkness?

The Chosen

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